Company and product background

OrthoGraph Ltd. was established in 2004. Our main activity is the development of mobile computer (tablet and smartphone) based data acquisition software with the focus on graphical real-estate measurement, building survey.

The first iPad version of OrthoGraph Foor Plan that delivered radical changes in the methodology of supporting the onsite building survey work compared to anything available until it was released in April, 2011. Due to the favorable reception of this product and the large amount of user feedback we have received, we created our first-ever web cloud service in 2013 called OrthoGraph Cloud Services.

The aim of OrthoGraph Cloud Services was to introduce a storage platform where OrthoGraph Floor Plan users can share their work with their co-workers as well as to provide high level support of real teamwork management in OrthoGraph Floor Plan. This teamwork management covers the file sharing and project handling with dedicated teams, user access management, and a centralized way of user license management. Through OrthoGraph Cloud Services it is simple to purchase OrthoGraph Floor Plan full functionality subscriptions, which can be shared between the team members, managed from one account, paid by one administrative user and invoiced to one company. This way professional building surveyors, energy auditor companies, retail agencies, interior designers, Floor Planural offices, construction companies and any other user groups who would like to benefit from using the OrthoGraph Floor Plan professional app can perform their work more efficiently.

The Cloud technology we use

We host our servers at a professional hosting provider located in the USA, on virtual servers that are running on the strongest available redundant hardware at multiple physical locations. The provider guarantees a high bandwidth for rapid worldwide access. This technology allows us to provide fast response, stable and high uptime services to our users.

Our distribution

All OrthoGraph products are distributed by the US based company ProFM Inc. The technology development is done by OrthoGraph Ltd. located in Hungary, Europe.

To learn more about the company and our products please visit